Cosmopolitan Breaks Through Boundaries With Its First Ever Lesbian Sex Guide (Photos)


As an avid reader of Cosmo, I'm proud to announce that the magazine has finally come around to embracing the realities of the Kinsey scale -- by creating a guide for lesbian sex.

Cosmo is famous for its positions so obscure, there should be a disclaimer recommending that someone in the couple be an acrobat.

Now, it's time -- for the first time in Cosmo's 130-year history -- to give lesbians a chance to experience such mind-boggling, blood-rushing-to-your-head positions for themselves.

The guide, called "28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions," features colorful illustrations and detailed how-tos to assist lesbians in satisfying their partners.

Positions like "The Sexy Spider," "Back That Ass Up" and "The Sultry Spoon" pay a tribute to Cosmo's infamous quirky sex position name-game.

This is progression at its finest. Never before has Cosmo broken so free from its long history of heteronormativity. Hopefully, guides like these can turn lesbian sex from an unknown taboo to as "normal" as doggy style.

Photos Courtesy: Cosmopolitan