Conde Nast Launches Digital Channels

Conde Nast has always been in the entertainment industry, but a particular kind of entertainment: print entertainment. Conde Nast is a smart company, they’ve been successful at what they’ve been doing for years, but I think that now they’re starting to recognize that times have changed.

Not everyone is reading print magazines. Their move to e-readers and downloadable content has been happening for a few years now, and their latest venture is bound to supplement that. Conde Nast Entertainment just launched on Monday, with two YouTube channels.

The official entertainment division was created over a year ago to get a cut of any television and film adaptations inspired by company magazines, but this is their first serious venture. Two digital YouTube channels, one inspired by GQ and another by Glamour, will be hosting original, nonscripted Webisodes, each less than five minutes long, about health, fitness and fashion.

Will this cause you to spend more time on YouTube now?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images