This Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Vibrant Comic Book-Style Characters

On hungover mornings, it sometimes takes me half an hour to make my cat-eye liner match on both sides of my face. Honestly, it's a lot harder than it seems like it should be.

There's a reason I'm not a professional makeup artist. On the other hand, professional beauty gurus view eyeliner as the smallest of challenges. Scrolling through Instagram daily, I'm in awe of the masterpieces they create using living, breathing women as their canvases.

That's certainly true for Gigi Rodgers, a creative tour-de-force with an Instagram to match.

The professional makeup artist moonlights as a model and photographer.

She creates bold makeup looks inspired by her favorite comic books.

There's no Batman or Superman present in this comic book makeup, though.

Rodgers is a creative mastermind, using bright tones reminiscent of "Watchmen" uniforms.

A hint of Roy Lichtenstein-esque pop art is present, too.

We found Rodgers on Reddit's Makeup Addiction forum, but it's not the first time she's attracted attention.

Trendy sites like MyModernMet and HypeBeast have already picked up on her genius.

Back in 2015, Rodgers turned heads for a photo project called World, in which she made herself into a real-world 2D illustration.

The makeup took her about two hours per session.

With her jewel tones and graphic shadows, it's hard to believe Rodgers accomplishes her look with the same palettes and tools available in any theater specialty store.

According to her Reddit posts, she relies heavily on Ben Nye-brand MagicCake Aqua Paint and Mehron Liquid Makeup.

Hints of MAC eyeshadow help create her looks, too.

The beauty geek in me is freaking out over Rodgers' aesthetic.

My plain old cat-eye is nothing to complain about, after seeing all this.