This Comedian Just Gave The Perfect Response To People Criticizing Her Red Carpet Dress

When comedian Sarah Millican attended last year's BAFTA awards, she was surprised by all the haters.

As a professional woman walking down the red carpet, she didn't expect to come under the same scrutiny that's often reserved for the stars of the actual silver screen.

But instead of being silenced when confronted with criticism for her floral wardrobe choice, Millican decided to fire back in a hilarious essay published in Radio Times.

I'd really like you to read this article I wrote about what happened to me after the BAFTAs last year. @RadioTimes — Sarah Millican (@SarahMillican75) May 13, 2014

When attacked by anonymous Internet posters for her "disastrous" gown that others dubbed too "nana-like," Millican responded by pointing out that she was there not to be fodder for worst-dressed lists, but because she deserved accolades for her work.

I'm sorry. I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job.

In a letter that captures how cruel people can be when they feel they have a right to weigh in on others' lives and sartorial choices, Millican highlights how she is a comedian, so is unsure why people were so obsessed with what she was wearing.

I had a few awkward photos taken by the wall of paparazzi. Awkward as I’m not a model (I’m a comedian), have never learnt how to pose on a red carpet (I’m a comedian) and I have pretty low self-esteem.

Although Millican admitted to shedding a few tears following all the disparaging comments, the BAFTA nominee acknowledges that her dress wasn't supposed to be what she was being recognized for that evening:

Yes, there were lovely messages from my fans between the hate but the hate was dominant and made me upset at first and then furious. Why does it matter so much what I was wearing? Why did no one ask my husband where he got his suit from? I felt wonderful in that dress.

And surely that’s all that counts. I made a decision the following day that should I ever be invited to attend the Baftas again, I will wear the same dress. To make the point that it doesn’t matter what I wear; that’s not what I’m being judged on.

BAFTA dress on and almost showtime in Buxton. — Sarah Millican (@SarahMillican75) May 18, 2014

Good for Millican for reminding people that the point of these shows is to celebrate great work and professional achievements.

H/T: Glamour Magazine, Photo Credit: WENN