Women With Funny (And Rich) Partners Have Better, Stronger Orgasms

by Emily Arata

Love is less important than wit, family money and looks, at least as far as the female orgasm is concerned.

College-aged women who found their male sexual partners funny and good-looking were more likely to initiate sex and have better orgasms, according to a new study by University of Albany psychologists published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

Women were also more likely to initiate sex with men they saw as successful and focused, particularly if their female friends also found the man attractive.

That includes a background knowledge of the man's wealth and likelihood of moving up in the world.

Apparently, there's a reason Chuck Bass from "Gossip Girl" was always getting the ladies.

Moreover, women who had sex with wide-shouldered (read: brawny) men reported feeling more sexually satisfied. Comfort and a feeling of being protected by a partner led to high orgasm frequency and subsequently, more intense orgasms.

Researchers also found a high correlation between how often orgasms happened and how good they felt for the female partner.

With every positive quality, female partners rated their partners higher for sexual satisfaction and ability to induce orgasm.

The research team calls the study "preliminary," but adds in a press release that information about factors leading to the female orgasm could potentially help explain the evolutionary reasoning behind picking mates.

Women who reproduce with successful, strong men are more likely to give birth to strong, intelligent children.

The ball's in your court, Chuck.

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