Work Off That Thanksgiving Meal By Shopping! Christmas Shopping Burns Approximately 1,500 Calories

One way to stave off extra pounds this holiday season? Shop until you drop, literally.

New research has shown that British shoppers burn an average of 1,572 calories on a typical shopping excursion – that’s almost an entire day’s worth of energy!

For the same number of calories, you could eat about three pieces of pie, a slice of chocolate Yule log, four Christmas cookies, and drink a glass each of Bailey’s and eggnog. Kind of makes enduring the long lines and nosy salespeople more worth it, right?

The study, conducted by Udozi and YouGov, also found that the average British person will walk just under 20 miles while completing a holiday shopping list. This is about the distance between New York and New Jersey (depending where you start and end, of course).

Yet, despite all this activity and shop-ercising, another suvey by Forza supplements found that it can take people up to four months to lose the weight they gained over the holiday season. Maybe try Christmas shopping after Christmas?

And here’s some more food for thought: according to the survey, the average person will put on four pounds between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, during which they are most likely to double their recommended caloric intake. That’s something to remember before reaching for seconds.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said it would take four months to get back into the same shape as they were in before Christmas. So much for those New Year’s resolutions, guys!

A little under a third said they completely let themselves go on December 25 and have a total binge blow-out, consuming around 8,000 calories, which is more than triple a man’s daily intake and four times a women’s daily allowance. We’re feeling kind of sick just thinking about all that food.

Don’t let your Christmas shopping -- both the activity and the new clothes -- go to waste by consuming more than you need over the holidays. You shopped so hard to burn all those calories, treat yourself to gifts, not groceries!

Via: Huff Po/The Daily Mail, Photo credit: Getty Images