This Is What Children Think About A Woman Doing Santa's Job (Video)

by Taylor Ortega

The idea of “Lady Santa” is tearing the kids of Britain apart.

A social experiment by Anomaly for its #MoreWomen campaign asked children if a woman could be Santa Claus.

Plenty of little ones were concerned about her ability to steer the sleigh (ugh, women drivers), lift a bag of presents (ugh, women arms) and keep her baby from ruining the gifts (ugh, women mothers).

Christmas magic allows Santa Claus to fly around the world delivering presents to every child in one night, but it can't seem to overcome the gender stereotypes many children have been conditioned to believe.

Stereotypes are subtly passed down from generation to generation through behavior that may be hard to spot.

According to Live Science, a study found the differences in the way fathers and mothers play with their toddlers could be conditioning children to accept gender stereotypes at a very young age.

Actively warning children against stereotypes is a great way to encourage them to live as their most authentic selves, regardless of what the outside world expects.

With a little encouragement, the women of tomorrow may finally have a shot at being Santa.

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