Carrie Bradshaw Called It: Women Are More Turned On By Shoes Than By Their Boyfriends

Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" so predicted this one — according to a new study, one in five women are more turned on by shoes than sex moves.

According to a study by that surveyed 1,000 women, 20 percent of participants said they were more attracted to a new pair of shoes than to their sexual partner at the time.

Although the survey is likely biased because the company clearly wants to sell you shoes and probably also attracted respondents who are equally obsessed with buying them, it's still interesting (and sad for some guys) that women feel a bigger attachment to what's on their feet than who's in their bed.

The study also revealed other information about women's wearing and buying habits.

One in four women said they would never take off a pair of fabulous heels at a party, no matter how much they hurt.

Half of the respondents said they'd be willing to lie to their significant other about the price they paid for their new shoes. Such a little white lie never hurt anybody... except your wallet.

via Time, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It