Cara Delevingne Covers Miss Vogue’s Debut Issue

The United Kingdom pretty much shares the same magazine publications as we do, but there was one thing the country was lacking: a version of their own Teen Vogue. The country has responded by launching their debut issue of Miss Vogue, their answer to all of England’s young girl’s requests.

Obviously, it would be fitting to have the most famous Brit, Cara Delevingne, cover the debut magazine. Vogue UL Editor in Chief Alexandra Shulman describes Delevingne as “Miss Vogue made physical” with a “maverick sense of style and fun” in her editor’s letter.

Delevingne was shot by Angelo Pennetta just days after the fall/winter fashion month for the cover and is wearing a baby pink paillette tank and matching skirt over a gray tee, which is so freakin’ 90’s, I’m obsessed.

It’s uncertain whether Miss Vogue will be a one-off venture or a continuing effort as of right now. The June issue was produced entirely by members of the existing Vogue UK team (I don’t know how they found the time) and it will be packaged along with it’s older version (which is covered by a sultry looking Kate Moss).

In addition to covering the debut issue of the magazine, Delevingne also had the opportunity to shoot an entire Miss Vogue spread. It’s no surprise that they chose Delevingne to cover the debut issue of Miss Vogue.

She’s so relatable, fun, funny, easy going, and is a true role model for young teenage girls. Who better to look up to than a girl who’s not afraid to be who she is? Even though she’s a high-fashion model, she never looses herself, and is unafraid to walk out in public in animal onesies.

Photo Credit: Getty Images