Candid Photos Of Mothers Breastfeeding In Public Places Show How Natural It Is (Photos)

Olivia Wilde's recent Glamour photo shoot of her breastfeeding her son Otis emphasized that breast feeding is a natural part of being a woman.

Too often in western societies, breastfeeding is over-sexualized, and those who engage in it are shunned by their community.

To combat this, Texas-based photographer Leilani Rogers created the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PBAP), an initiative that aims to further de-stigmatize breast feeding.

She rounded up more than 50 photographers in Canada, Ireland, and the US to take photos of mothers breastfeeding in public places like libraries, parks, and restaurants -- places where women are normally criticized heavily for breastfeeding.

Dozens of photos of mothers breastfeeding their babies have accumulated as a result of this wonderful project.

The photographers are showcasing their photos on their social media pages and blogs using the hashtag #PBAP2014. They've also been posted on Roger's Facebook page.

via Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project