This Fragrance Ad Is All About Freeing Yourself From Gender Labels (Video)

Millennials hate labels.

We don't want to define our relationships, our friendships or our sexualities. There's something about questioning the assumptions laid out by the generations before us that's incredibly freeing.

It only makes sense, then, that our fragrances would follow suit.

In 1994, Kate Moss posed in a fragrance ad for Calvin Klein's CK One. With her boyish body and taste for the genderfluid, Moss was practically revolutionary.

Fast forward 21 years.

This year's scent sequel, CK2, is an entirely new kind of fragrance for a generation that's all about freedom. We're free to be partners or best friends without labels, finally.

Just so, CK2 is a genderless scent made with notes of wasabi and mandarin, as well as incense and sandalwood.

It's housed in a clear glass bottle that invites the viewer to project his or her desires onto it, instead of the other way around. As a unique design feature, the bottle even fits into its base two different ways.

The perfume's new campaign was shot by Ryan McGinley, who's best known for becoming one of the first young artists to win a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art way back in 2003.

The campaign features young future it-models like Victoria Brito, Sung Jin Park and Luka Sabbat, as well as sisters Kelsey and Baylee Soles. Remember these faces, because Moss won't be the only stand out talent we see coming from Calvin Klein.

Keep an eye out. CK2 is available exclusively in the travel retail market this December, and at Macy's this February.

Calvin Klein

CK2 celebrates the idea that not every relationship needs labels.

Calvin Klein