These New Wristbands Will Help Lonely And Miserable Single People Find Each Other

by Elite Daily Staff

Married people get wedding rings and now single people can get MY Single Bands! Evidently, it’s so hard to approach someone at the bar, we now have to identify ourselves with outdated silicone wristbands that clearly delineate our marital status.

Inspired by the couple’s own fortuitous relationship, Danish Rina Mardahl and British Rob Young are launching a collection of rubber wristbands for single people to wear in order to attract potential partners.

Available in seven colors and three sizes, MY Single Bands are intended to subtly display the fact that we are single and ready to mingle (is it really that subtle?). And likewise, if we see someone else sporting one of these fashionable bracelets, we’ll know that it’s totally cool to hit on them.

But really, has the dating world actually come to this? We have to wear cheesy bracelets that have the words “fate, future, or destiny” on them to attract members of the opposite sex? Why don’t we all just start wearing baseball caps that say “alone” on them? The idea is definitely a smart one – a way to clearly and obviously identify who is available and ready for a relationship – but, whatever happened to courting a woman the old fashioned way?

Maradahl and Young told the Daily Mail that the wristbands will “increase new encounters, lower the fear of first introductions, and suit busy modern lifestyles.” They also remarked about “how many people must miss out on meeting their soul mate by not saying the first hi.”

Okay, so they have a point there. We’ve been eyeing our hot neighbor in the elevator for months now, trying to determine if he’s on the market. If only he was wearing a MY Single Band, we’d be ready to pounce in an instant.

MY Single Bands: wear them if you’re single and proud. Or else, keep doing what you’ve been doing. It seems to have worked for all of our couple friends.

Via NY Mag