Burberry’s Innovative Virtual Kissing Booth


Burberry is one of the most classic brands in the business, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not constantly striving to keep up with the changing times and move everything into the digital realm. They're immensely popular on the social media circuit with 15 million Facebook fans, and they’re just about to move a pretty unconventional practice into digital space.

Burberry’s latest initiative is a virtual kissing booth that lets you pucker up to your phone (or computer, if you have Google Chrome) and send a lip-stamped letter to anyone in the digitally connected world. You can even personalize your kiss further by coloring it with one of five shades of Burberry lippy, which is a more fun and less gross way than trying on in-store testers.

The human element of the digital marketing campaign is clearly resonating with the brand’s fans. Their World of Kisses map shows letters flying to every corner of the globe. Those located around the southeastern United States and in Burberry’s hometown of London appear the most into the idea, or perhaps just the least concerned about being accused by coworkers of taking duck-faced selfies.

It’s not quite the same as getting a handwritten piece of snail mail, but in a world where no one waits, we’d choose a Burberry kiss over a Facebook poke any day. Go to and start whittling away your Wednesday afternoon.

Via Styleite

Photo Credit: Getty Images