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Abbi And Ilana From 'Broad City' Show Us What The Perfect Day At Work Is

Being a best friend isn't a task to take lightly. With the average friend, you're free to cancel drinks at the last minute and tune out during a long story. When it comes to besties, however, you're required to strap in for the full ride: popping pimples, sharing sexual horror stories and the like. Now, imagine what it would be like to work with her.

The clearest example of besties with breasties pop culture provides us is Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the wild-child comedian pair behind Comedy Central's “Broad City.” Together, they smoke, drink and laugh their way to television hilarity. If you don't believe me, please watch their episode on pegging.

While at work on the show's upcoming fourth season (insert squeal here), they've chosen serious best friend activities: face masking.

On August 10, Abbi and Ilana separately uploaded Instagrams of each other wearing face masks while working at their laptops. Who else gets to see you when you look this ugly, the whole internet aside?

Caption: “Writing tip — stay hydrated."

Many years ago in college, a friend explained her theory that the best way to stay awake while studying late at night was to down liter-sized bottles of water. If you always have to pee, she said, you'll never snooze. Plus, you'll be well hydrated.

It seems as if Abbi and Ilana have taken this principle to the max, bonding over hydration and beauty treatments that make it look a lot like you're wearing somebody else's face.

If you're still stuck on clay masks, let me explain. The paper sheet is soaked with fluid, so pressing it against your face for 20 minutes results in a more intense beauty treatment than just slathering it on.

As someone with acne-prone pores, I stand for any mask that soaks up the oil slick that is my face when left to its own devices. TonyMoly's I'm Real line and Boscia's Green Tea masks both come in under $10, a sweet deal for a spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathrobe.

Abbi and Ilana aren't just comedic geniuses, they're smart, too. Mask on, mask off.