Bring Your Childhood Style Back With These Accessories Made Of Legos (Photos)

As a child, I was completely obsessed with Legos.

Now, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is: Yes, I was a huge nerd as a kid.

While most girls played with dolls, I spent countless hours building up imaginary cities brick by brick with the help of my older and equally geeky brother.

Now, it seems like Legos are making a serious comeback, and this time around these little blocks are finding their way out of the toy stores and onto the fashion scene.

Recently, the Polish-based accessory brand, Agabag, released a new, playful collection of handbags and jewelry crafted from, you guessed it, Legos!

Their nostalgic collection features a variety of awesome accessories decked out in all sorts of plastic brick designs, and although it may seem hard to believe, they actually look pretty chic.

However, you might want to be careful about leaving these bags on the floor. Stepping on one of them is probably just as painful as all those times you accidentally stepped on those damn blocks back in the day.

Thanks to Agabag, you can now make a fashion statement with your favorite childhood toys.

Agabag just rolled out a collection of accessories dressed up in your beloved little Lego blocks...

These are real, functional bags unlike the ones you used to build as a kid.

These awesome bags come in a wide variety of styles...

...and they have a design to suit every fashionista looking to add a serious #TBT to her #OOTD.

You'll find everything from elegant evening bags with metallic accents... edgy clutches, clad in studs.

They also come in variety of sizes that range from small monochromatic shoulder bags... big blocky totes in bold colors.

If you're looking to add some rectangular style to your wardrobe, you can find all of these awesome bags on Etsy or Agabag's website.

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