A Bra That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

One of the most prevalent cancers in women is breast cancer, which accounts for 22.9% of all cancers in women. Awareness to breast cancer has also made it one of the most survivable cancers which is a huge relief.

Now, with the aid of a surprising new technology, the breast cancer survival rate can improve its already impressive statistic (8 out of 10 women with breast cancer survive). The company First Warning Systems has recently developed the world’s first ultrasonic breast cancer detection device, in the form of a bra.

The detection bra technology is a good alternative to the uncomfortable mammogram. So how does it work? The detection bra uses sensors to detect heat changes in breast tissue, which is a sign that there may be tumor activity in the breast. The data then gets sent to a computer where it’s analyzed and your results determined.

This bra has undergone three clinical trials (a fourth is in the making) and it has been proven to detect cancer cells up to six years earlier than the traditional mammogram. This amazing new technology is still new and will only hit our country in 2014, after FDA approval.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images