Woman Confronts Horrible Guy Caught Filming Women In Public (Video)


Women have to deal with a whole lot of bullsh*t -- that's for sure.

Last week, we told you about the Irish woman who penned an open letter explaining just how uncomfortable catcalling makes women feel.

Just this week, British women were told their tampons will continue to be taxed because they are considered "luxury" items.

But, it appears women the world over have had enough, and that includes Sara Jase Dillan from Boston, Massachusetts.

Dillan says she witnessed a man film her "crotch and backside" and continue on his creepy way to do the same to two young girls she describes as "no more than 14."

Instead of walking away with her head down, Dillan confronts the man to let him know he is the one who should feel ashamed.

Of the event, Dillan told Cosmopolitan,

So far, Dillan's video has been viewed more than 270,000 times on Facebook. No word yet on the man's identity.

If nothing more, the perv learned one good lesson: Never mess with a Boston girl.

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