This Boozy Champagne Shampoo Is A Perfect Way To Kick Off New Year's Eve

Everyone knows New Year's Eve is the perfect time to pop open a bottle of bubbly.

If you're looking to ring in 2017 with some champagne showers, you can splurge on a insane gold champagne gun.

Or if a bougie $500 beverage gun is a bit out of your price range, you can literally bathe in your beloved bubbly by adding some champagne into your shower routine.

No, I'm not talking about drinking half of a bottle of Brut in the shower and dumping the rest over your head.

I'm taking about adding some champs to your shamp, of course!

That's right. Cuvée founder, Rachel Katzman, just teamed up with some chemists and created a champagne-infused shampoo that claims to make your locks look simply intoxicating.

Apparently, the sparkling shampoo is part of Cuvée Beauty's new line of unisex hair care products, which all contain champagne extracts as well as antioxidants and plant-based proteins that have all sorts of benefits for your hair.

The collection features several in-shower products including a classic shampoo, a conditioner and a nourishing complex that deeply conditions hair without weighing down your do.

Plus, you can add some fizzy finishing touches to your hair too, since Cuvée also has a styling balm to give your drunken do' some extra hold and a protecting treatment that prevents heat tools from frying your hair.

If you're looking to get wavy, Cuvée also has a texturizing champagne spray that gives your locks that perfect tousled appearance you get from being sprayed with a bottle of bubbly at the club.

All of Cuvée's boozy beauty products range in price from $35 to $45 and are currently for sale on the Cuvée website.

If you ask me, indulging in some champagne showers is the perfect way to revamp your beauty routine in the new year. Cheers!

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