This Artist Paints Canvases With Her Boobs. Seriously. (Video)

We thought we had seen it all when it came to uses for women's body parts, but apparently there are even more things you can do with your breasts than nurse a baby or jiggle them. Marcey Hawk, a California artist, employs her boobs as paintbrushes, drenching them in paint and then pressing them against her canvasses.

Nicknamed "Boobie Painter," the 30D-sized artist is inspired by Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh, which is apparent in her abstract creations.

"My art is meant to be intimate, erotic, explorative and unique with a hint of whimsy - I call it chaotic yet contained abstraction," Marcey says.

Her artworks have been bought by notable celebs such as Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner (no surprise there).

So what's the breast technique for painting with your bosom? Marcey has five methods she prefers: the whole breast print, nipple print, "just the tip," the "squish and swirl" and her newest method, which she calls the titty twerk.

"My newest style which is proving popular is the 'titty twerk' where the canvas is primed in a solid color and while it's still wet I use just about a quarter of my breast covered in paint and sort of jiggle it around," she says. Whatever happened to simple finger painting?

We kind of hate to admit it, but her pieces are just as eye-catching as her boobs -- and we're not alone in thinking this. With some artworks fetching up to $500, her paintings really are the tits!

As if she weren't already cool enough, Marcey Hawk also donates a portion of her sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation for their fight against breast cancer. So meta, Marcey.

Is it wrong to wonder if she's also talented at titty-f*cking? We're sure she's quite masterful.

Via: Latin Post