These 7 Quotes From Famous Women Will Remind You To Be Proud Of Your Body

We love a lady who loves herself.

Honestly, there's nothing sexier than a woman who doesn't shit talk her own body. Instead of commenting on muffin tops and skinny-shopping herself for Instagram, she's out on the red carpet preaching self-love.

Recently, teen star Ariel Winter spoke out against the slut and body shaming commenters on her Instagram page.

Today, we're inspired to take another look at our bodies and appreciate them. Thunder thighs and all.

Like our favorite female celebrities, we've got nothing but love for ourselves.

Amy Poehler is always a good dose of empowerment.


Amy Schumer reminds us we control our own bodies.


Margaret Cho finds validation from the inside.


According to Amber Rose, everyone deserves love.


Mindy Kaling serves up some freshly baked truth.

Zendaya's got no patience for haters.


Praying hands emoji, JLo.