Fashion Bloggers Are Promoting Body Positivity With This One Challenge


I think that, as humans, we're wired to judge people. Sometimes that's a good thing — we can judge people who might potentially pose a threat, or people who might potentially end up being our friends.

However, that judgement doesn't always have great connotations or come from a place of good intention.

We judge people based on a lot of factors they can't control: appearance, weight, race, what we assume their socioeconomic background is, etc.

My thing? I judge people based on what they wear.

I'd like to think I have a relatively good sense of style, as do most of my friends. However, I feel like when I'm meeting new people, I can't help but look at what they're wearing with a critical eye. Do they look like they spent time putting a look together? Is it flattering? If they're dressed down, is it because they're having an off day?

The thing I'm starting to learn, however, is that fashion and style are entirely subjective. Someone else's “off days” are equivalent to my “good days” and vice versa. I'm still struggling with learning that and keeping it in mind when I feel like I might be close to judging someone based on what he or she is wearing.

Amazon Fashion partnered with fashion bloggers (including my bae, Gala Gonzalez) to spread the word that, hey, maybe I'm being a Judgey McJudgerson.

Instead of judging people based on what they're wearing (i.e. me) the bloggers suggested to “say something nice.” Instead of automatically coming up with negative judgements, the bloggers suggested turning them into compliments.

So, next time you're about to assume the girl who always wears oversized things hates her body, don't assume anything. Compliment her on how chic she looks.

Or, instead of hating on the chick who seems to only wear the same pair of beat-up Vans every day, compliment her on her ability to style one item many ways.

Instead of judging people based on their bodies or whatever their style choices are, the bloggers add, don't judge at all. Just play nice. It's really not that hard, promise.

Plus, fashion is meant to be fun, not hard.