Blogger's DIY Face Mask Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Nightmare

Farah Dhukai is nearly fearless.

The Ontario-based beauty blogger is best known for her DIY treatments made from ingredients anybody can buy. Recently, however, Dhukai has taken her content to a new level with a moisturizing face mask of nightmare proportions.

This is no ordinary spa treatment.


The mixture of hibiscus tea, agar (a kind of seaweed available online or at Whole Foods) and water becomes a delightful kind of goop that looks a lot like you've dunked your face in warm blood.

I propose calling this the "Carrie Face Mask," in homage to the horror heroine who once got pig's blood dumped all over her.


Sorry, I have absolutely no chill.

Wondering if Dhukai's homemade treatment is really worth the time, energy and general horror? Well, let's break it down.

Hibiscus, found in Dhukai's tea, contains antioxidants that help your skin appear younger by repairing damage.

If you combine that with hot water (which opens pores) and powdered agar (which solidifies the mask mixture), you'll get a face mask that's definitely beneficial and soothing for your skin, but maybe not as moisturizing as Dhukai claims.

Would you try DIY beauty at home to save a few dollars for your next Sephora binge buy? Let me know in the comments.