Here's What Everyone Thought Beyoncé's Met Gala Dress Looked Like


I love Queen Bey. I do. I watched the entirety of "Lemonade" eight times, have taken not one, but three Beyoncé dance classes and have seriously considered calling my adopted cat “Mrs. Carter.”

When Beyoncé's Met Gala moment came, I was expecting fireworks. I was expecting sheer panels, lace and maybe a swinging baseball bat or two.

Instead, the world got this:

And the world let out a sigh of disappointment. That dress might've been Givenchy, but it was more like Givensh*tty.

Seriously, people were not happy.

Beyoncé wore a condom dipped in diarrhea!!!!!!!!!! — bryanboy (@bryanboy) May 3, 2016

There was serious concern for Becky.

Beyoncè is not playing with us, she really came wearing Becky's skin over hers #MetGala — lemonade heux (@jstcwarrior) May 3, 2016

Basically, everyone thought it was a condom.

Beyoncé giving embellished condom vibes. — MARC (@TOMFORDISMYDAD) May 3, 2016
why is beyonce wearing a condom with sprinkles, I WAS COUNTING ON HER — danielle☽ (@dlovatoinspired) May 3, 2016

Some wondered the logistics of it all.

how much shea butter did it take to get beyonce into that dress — arabelle sicardi (@arabellesicardi) May 3, 2016

But this guy totally got it right.

Beyonce chuck skittles in pancake batter and here we are — RAMSAY BOLTON (@__OneEl) May 3, 2016

Here we are, Ramsay. Here we are.