Beware Of Foods In Tiny Packages

If you’re an Elite female (what am I saying, we’re all elite females), you’re always on the go. Because of this, I can almost guarantee that you’re accustomed to throwing a small snack into your bag to help curb your guaranteed hunger pains.

Whether you’re eating a granola bar, or a small portion of whatever it may be in a miniature plastic bag, it’s meant to be a small little something in between larger meals. However, new research is proving that small snacks may not be the way to go.

This research has shown that we tend not to eat to the bottom of a bag of chips or cookies if the bag appears to be too big, because we know that we’re obviously eating way more than a serving size. Because of this, we stop ourselves early on.

When the bag is on the smaller size, like your to-go snack, our brains give us the go-ahead to munch our way through the whole thing. This may mean eating more than we really want to.

The size of your food itself apparently matters too. According to experts, we see smaller foods as being calorie-less. A marketing professor who studies eating behaviors at Instead, an international business school based in France, said: “Twenty-five calories is not a serving, so we nibble without thinking we are eating.”

Of course, twenty-five calories here and there add up, causing us to eat way more, again. The best way to eliminate this problem is to take your snack out of the packaging and place it on a plate, to give you a strong visual clue as to how much you’re eating.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images