What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The City You Should Move To Next


I hate Coachella, and not because it's basically a basic bitch convention. The festival makes me feel wanderlust, which sucks when your wallet is nearly empty.

I just got my tax return, which means I can potentially take a trip or even move to a different city. If media wasn't limiting in terms of travel potential, I'd have packed my dog and bags ages ago.

My lease is almost up, so now would be a good time to jet off somewhere. With my indecisiveness (Tokyo? Paris? Nepal?), I need an external force to guide me in the right direction. So, I turn to the stars for the best places to live.

If you have a bit more freedom and are just one step away from packing your things, here's where you should go based on your zodiac sign.

Capricorns belong in Zurich, Switzerland.

Capricorns are hard-headed and stubborn, but also ambitious. That makes them a perfect fit for one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. Business-minded Capricorns will thrive in this financial center, and having to learn German will be the challenge they crave.

An Aquarius will prosper in Tokyo, Japan.

This air sign is the most progressive of the bunch, so naturally, it needs to be in one of the world's most modern cities. The high-tech Aquarius will appreciate both the skyscrapers and tech-driven culture of the most populated city on the planet.

For a Pisces, Austria's capital is one of the best cities to live in.

Pisces are inherently artistic and have a deep connection to music, which makes Vienna the ideal place for them to settle down. Vienna also has over 100 museums to entice the romantic Pisces.

She'll fall in love with the musical history of the country, too. Austria was home to Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.

An Aries should check out Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

The quintessential Aries is energetic and leads an active lifestyle, which makes her a fit for Amsterdam's ever-moving culture. The city is huge on biking and walking, so it's perfect for Aries girls who like to stay on their feet.

The Aries entrepreneurial and optimistic spirit would do well here, as Amsterdam is a startup hub.

A Taurus will go far in Valletta, Malta.

Taurus ladies have a giving spirit, making them a great fit for the good-natured microstate of Malta. Malta, a Mediterranean archipelago, is known as one of the most generous places on the planet. Its philosophy jives with the Taurus' love of a socially responsible lifestyle.

Bonus: The archipelago is downright beautiful, perfect for artistic Taurus babes.

A Gemini will appreciate Nairobi, Kenya.

Geminis are good communicators and known for being ultra-versatile, which makes them perfect for the bustling Nairobi business scene. The city also has a vibrant tech sector, and Nairobi's nightlife will nurture the Gemini's thirst for social interaction.

Cancers will feel at ease in Athens, Greece.

Cancers are innate actors. They're imaginative and prone to wild mood swings, which goes hand-in-hand with the Athens theater scene. The Greek city has more dedicated theater stages than any other place in the world, plus an immersive history that will appeal to the Cancer's sentimental nature.

Leos can unleash in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai makes a hell of a statement, as does a Leo.

Leos are magnanimous and majestic, two elements that are key to thriving in the ultra-cosmopolitan Dubai world. The city is synonymous with luxury and opulence, which will do just fine with the never-overwhelmed Leo.

A Virgo will be at peace in Geneva, Switzerland.

Virgos are analytical and astute, which gives them the perfect mind for politics.

Geneva, known as the capital of peace, is a bustling political center that will jive with Virgo political science geeks. The infamous Virgo work ethic will do well here, as Geneva is home to both the UN and the Red Cross.

Libras should hit up Spain's Costa Brava region.

Libras are nature lovers, and beautiful Spanish coastal towns provide the perfect backdrop for some serious outdoor time.

Hardworking and kind Libras won't feel out of place in one of the area's many charming fishing villages. More athletic Libras will love the beach and surrounding hills.

A Scorpio needs to live in Venice, Italy.

Scorpios are secretive and mysterious by nature, which makes them the perfect fit for the semi-secluded Italian city of Venice.

Loner Scorpios will be charmed by the lack of cars and the relaxed vibe of the city. Venetian alleyways and fairytale-like canals create the perfect backdrop for romance and adventure, which will satisfy even the most jaded Scorpio.

A Sagittarius can call Australia's Gold Coast home.

Sagittarius, like Libra, thrives on being outdoors and is most at peace while surrounded by nature. That makes the sign a perfect fit for the Gold Coast.

There's plenty to do here that isn't just the beach, however: mountains, as well as national and theme parks. Don't forget the wild nightlife, either.

No matter your sign, get your bags packed and your ticket booked.