Break Out From The Crowd: 7 Tips To Not Looking Basic At Coachella

Festival season is upon us, and with it, comes endless fashion cliches. You don't have to take “festival fashion” so literally to blend in, or wear ridiculous costumes to stand out.

Here are some tips that offer fresh alternatives to help you avoid the worst-dressed list.

Flower Crowns

Instead, opt for handmade floral creations. An embellished head piece is a great alternative, or you can sport a unique braid.

Cringeworthy Fringe

Flash Tattoos

The party pack includes several different color options and a practice book so you can set yourself apart from the masses and create your own unique designs.

Denim Distinctions

A hand-dyed indigo bandana is a perfect way to work denim into your outfits subtly. Keep cool in a denim-inspired snap back. Layer like a pro in an embroidered denim jacket, and rock a unisex backpack to transport all of your festival essentials in style.

Jewelry Overkill

Baring It All

Ditch the distasteful outfits, and instead, pair a retro hued body-suit with shorts; better yet, rock a loose coverup or kimono over your bathing suit.

Outlandish Outfits

In recent years, there has been an overkill of ridiculous costumes and attire including obnoxious onesies, angel wings, tutus, animal hoods, furry boots, 80's-inspired neon body suits and more unappealing fashion choices you're better off staying far away from.