These Tampons Literally Connect You To Your Friend's Vagina With A String

by Taylor Ortega
Friends Forever Tampons

There's a moment when you're aching to listen to an awesome song in the company of your best friend.

You lean over, offer her or him an earbud and the two of you sit, connected by a thin cord, each bopping along gently so as not to yank out the other's single headphone.

Now, lady BFFs can experience that same joy in their down-there-parts!

Gone are the days of wearing one single tampon with a string that dangles cheerlessly in your undies, tethered to nothing but loneliness.

Friends Forever Tampons by Kat Thek connects two tampons on a single string.

The product is currently only available in NYC, but Thek promises it is a worthwhile investment.

The innovator insists the bestie tampies will "bring you extremely close to your best friend for up to eight hours at a time."

For ladies who are totally grossed out by the idea of tethered tampons, no worries, because a Friends Forever Maxi Pad (same idea, different method of absorbency) is coming down the chute in the near future.

So, be a pal. Let your vagina play this game with your best friend's vagina…

…and plan a buddy hike to the big city for your pack of Friends Forever Tampons.

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