Best Dressed: Cannes Opening Ceremony

The Cannes Film Festival, obviously held in Cannes, France, is the most anticipated and prestigious film festival in the world. Of course, with any high-profile event (especially one of this magnitude), a red carpet opening ceremony is crucial for celebrities to strut their stuff.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the entire world has been dealing with subpar weather conditions this Spring. The Cannes Opening Ceremonies were darkened by rain, but this certainly didn’t stop film’s leading ladies from stepping up their fashion game.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, countless well-known celebrities, models and elite film moguls were dressed to the nines. Here are my top five favorites:

Carey Mulligan in Christian Dior Couture

Isla Fisher in Oscar de la Renta

Cindy Crawford in Roberto Cavalli

Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior Couture

First Place: Cara Delevingne in Burberry


Photo Credit: WENN