The 10 Style Commandments Of Being Basic This Fall, As Told By Dogs

Fall is the best season of the year, but not because of the pumpkins, hot tea or falling leaves.

No, fall is the best because it's the season of basic bitches.

Hear me out: The rest of the year gets a reputation for originality, pretending not to follow trends, before finally caving and buying gladiator sandals on clearance at Zara.

During fall, however, there's a comfortable afghan of acceptance draped over society. Do you want to wear black leggings and the UGG boots you haven't thrown away for weeks at a time?

Go ahead.

We'll just be over here, enjoying the crisp air. We can't be bothered to make fun of you.

Wondering just how to embrace your inner "basic" this year? I have a few words of advice. Just like Moses delivering the Ten Commandments to his devotees, I'm here to lay down the rules.

Just let me put my pumpkin spice latte down, first.

To really drive home every point, I'm using the OG basic bitches as makeshift fashion models. Nobody loves fall more than pups, particularly these stylish few.

1. No outfit is complete without a scarf.

2. Seasonal hats make your apple-picking Instagrams really stick out.

3. Baking pies and buying PSLs feel more exciting if you have a good manicure.

4. When in doubt, flannel it out.

5. No choker is too chunky for fall.

6. The second the weather drops below 70 degrees, UGG boots are a must.

7. If you're going out, add a chambray topper.

8. A stylish pair of tights completes every party look.

9. Just top the whole thing off with a puffy coat.

10. And, above all else, enjoy yourself.