The Best And Worst Beauty Trends Of 2012

Another year has passed and another slew of beauty trends have graced our style. Some trends were subtle and some were out there, but 2012 sure did have some memorable beauty moments.

Here, we break down the best, the worst, and the trends we’re not so sure about:

The Best

The Burgundy Lip

In 2012 the classic red lip took a step out of the spotlight and let the burgundy lip take control. This is a trend I plan on implementing well into the end of the winter season.

The Cat Eye

The Cat eye is a flattering eyeliner trend for everyone. Who doesn’t love a sultry cat eye?

The Worst

The Pastel Ends

My little pony wants her hair back.

The Halo Braid

This is only okay for Florence Welch and even then… eh.

The Claw Nail

This trend could be intriguing, but the majority cannot wear such a sharp and rigid nail.

The Bouffant

Relax, Miley, relax.

The Not-So-Sure

The Top Knot

This trend can look beautiful, whether in sock-bun variety or a quick tousled, last minute top knot, or it can look overdone and Cindy Lou Who-ish.

The Textured Nail

Nail Art was all the rage in 2012, but sometimes, textured nails can be a bit overdone. I’m a fan of velvet nails, but caviar nails may be pushing it.

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