This Video Perfectly Breaks Down How Impossible It Is To Look 'Perfect'

Women are held to impossible standards of beauty.

Between the media and celebrity culture, the proliferation of Photoshop and the glorification of the “perfect” body, society has defined what women should look like: white skin, large breasts and a thin body.

The problem is this: Nobody is perfect and no one “look” is perfect. To strive for perfection is to limit yourself and define yourself on appearance alone. And ladies, we’re better than that.

Beauty comes in all different forms, shapes and sizes. Let’s celebrate it.

This video, an art piece named “Supervenus” by French artist Frédéric Doazan, aims to illustrate just how ridiculous the idea of the perfect woman is.

It begins with a cartoon image of a woman from a vintage illustration. She looks like an average, white woman with curvier hips and thighs, medium breasts and a soft face. Nothing special or dramatic. Instead, she's made to look simple and plain.

Doazan, the illustrator, begins to “edit” the image of the woman and transforms it into the “perfect” female, with long hair, plump lips and a thin waist.

She’s a completely different illustration than she was in the beginning.

He then works on changing her more, adding larger “implants” to the figure’s breasts and removing her uterus. He then removes the cartoon’s brain.

Finally, the image of the woman sort of just implodes into herself, relaying a somber, yet powerful message.

Perfection is not only unattainable — it’s a dangerous and unfulfilling fantasy to chase.

Celebrate yourself, flaws and all (besides, perfection is boring, anyway).