3 Feel-Good Beauty Moves For V-Day, No Matter Your Dating Status


Valentine's Day is the most polarizing holiday of all.

For couples, it's a chance to hashtag Instagrams with #soulmates and brag about the dozen red roses and chocolates they were gifted.

While there's nothing wrong with a great relationship, all the rubbing-your-face-in-it leaves singles feeling less like Beyoncé and more like Michelle.

Whether you've been spending the days leading up to February 14 swiping through Tinder so fast you're getting carpel tunnel or planning a romantic trip to an art museum with your boo, there's no wrong way to celebrate.

Regardless of whether you're planning a day for a party of two or just a party of you, make time to romance yourself -- whether or not there's some dude in a cheesy polo taking you to dinner.

Skip the $3 candy hearts and overpriced outfits in favor of something you can put together in 20 minutes while wearing your bathrobe and a Turbie Twist.

1. If you're lounging at home: Swap dessert for DIY skin care

Skip those low-quality boxed chocolates from the already-discounted aisle in the drugstore in favor of something sweet, calorie-free and easy.

If your Valentine's Day plans consists of lounging in heart-print pajamas while repeat-watching Ryan Gosling's scenes in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," reach for a bowl, brown sugar and milk.

Mix your ingredients together until you've got a rough paste, then exfoliate away and rinse for skin softer than Cupid's.

Feeling too lazy? Try Lush's Cupcake face mask instead -- it's especially good for oily skin.

2. If you're hitting the town: Kill 'em with color

If you're going out on Valentine's Day, it's probably because you have an SO to meet (or maybe your best girlfriends instead!)

You're probably exhausted after weeks of Jillian Michaels workouts, and between DVDs and expensive designer duds, you're basically broke as sh*t.

Instead of heading to Sephora for a pricey makeover, use two lip products you already own to create a look that's festive, without feeling like you're paying homage to Boy George on a bad day.

Try an easy, neutral ombré lip color in place of bright lipstick (so you don't deal with the dreaded smeary makeout mouth if anyone comes near).

Take notes from xoVain's Alle Connell, who recommends layering on the darker of your two shades before blending the lighter into the center of the mouth.

Remember: You're a bombshell, not a tacky Valentine's Day princess.

3. If you're throwing a Galentine's Day brunch: Get a manicure to match

On beauty spectrum, there are few things to make women respect one another more than a glossy, un-chipped manicure.

If you're planning to gather a group of Valentine's Day-hating women together for overpriced mimosas, the least you can do is show up with perfect nails.

Drag your best friend over for an impromptu spa day, break out your best cherry red coat (Judo Red, anyone?) and thank her for always answering your drunk texts.

Valentine's Day is about romance, right?  So, who loves you more than her?