Untrue Beauty Myths


We’ve all grown up listening to our mothers tell us home beauty remedies. Actually, we’ve all heard the what not to do’s and what to do’s involving our beauty regimen from plenty of different sources before.

Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. By bad, I mean inaccurate. Here are some beauty myths that actually, are incorrect.

Drinking Water Prevents Skin Dehydration

We’ve all been told that drinking tons of water will make our skin super hydrated. Not exactly true. The oil in your skin will be more moisturized, not water. Too much water on your skin actually dries it out. Hydrate your skin with products containing non-acnegenic oils to achieve hydration.

Only Dry Skin Types Should Use Moisturizer

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Actually, depriving your oily skin of moisture can actually make your skin oilier (due to your skin working overtime to pry and produce enough oil to nourish your skin). If you have oily skin, opt for a lightweight, gel-based moisturizer formula instead.

Brushing Hair 100 Times A Day Makes It Glossy

Actually, 100 strokes is over brushing, and over brushing causes breakage, which leads to your hair falling out. Instead, try brushing your hair a few times before bed, which will help to distribute natural scalp oils throughout your hair overnight.

Crossing Your Legs Gives You Varicose Veins

Actually, what causes varicose veins is standing too much. So by all means, sit down, and cross those legs ladies.

Expensive Products Are More Effective Than Inexpensive Ones

Price has no bearing on how well a product can work. I’ve purchased $30 blushes that work horribly compared to $8 blushes. It’s all about the formula of the product and how it works with your own skin type.

You’ll Outgrow Your Acne

Wrong. You may no longer have massive breakouts constantly, but just because you’re a few years older, does not mean that you’re incapable of getting a pimple every once in a while. Even if you follow a good skin care routine, you are not immune.

Toothpaste Is A Good Acne Spot Treatment Remedy

My mother told me this my whole life, but it turns out she was wrong (haha, mom). Supposedly, adding foreign, non-skin appropriate products to your skin can cause irritations, which of course, worsen acne.

Natural Skincare Products Are Better Than Synthetic Ones

Not necessarily. It’s hard to find a product that’s 100% natural anyway. Use what works for you. Just because a product was man-made, does not mean that it’s better for you, and vice versa.

Did you grow up following any of these beauty laws?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images