These Beautifully Unique Hairstyles Break Convention in the Best Way

Consider this the summer of crazy hair. Between the rising granny hair trend to the candy-colored locks we've spotted both on the runways and off, 2015 has been the summer of the most off-the-wall shades you can imagine.

While we've been letting crazy hues take center stage, we've also been neglecting what's equally important: the style.

These ladies below can teach us a thing or two about balancing style and the cut. From short-haired babes to long-haired vixens, these beautifully unique hairstyles show how to do summer locks right.

Summer lovin' will never be quite as sweet as those braids.

This cotton candy style proves short-haired girls can be updo queens, too.

Curls will always be a year-round staple.

Who says glitter is only for the holidays?

This is one way to keep hair out your face.

Now this is how to take your undercut to the next level.

This mermaid hair might not be beach-ready, but it's still bound to make a splash.

Necklaces aren't only for necks.

Embroider more than just clothes.

This pixie undercut is equal parts flirty and badass.

The gradient-style undercut looks stunning on curly locks.