Women Are Choosing To Dye Their Hair Grey For The 'Granny Hair' Trend (Photos)


Your grandma is probably the first person who comes to mind when you think of gorgeous, grey hair.

In an effort to stay eternally young, most ladies usually run to the salon every time they find a few horrifying silver strands in their color-treated hair.

Now, there's a beauty (and Instagram) trend popping up on our greydar: #GrannyHair. This edgy look is redefining the definition of "going grey."

That's right, grey isn't just for geriatrics anymore.

Thanks to the #GrannyHair movement, a growing number of girls are getting in on the old lady action and dyeing their 'dos in all sorts of stunning, silver shades.

While this might sound kind of strange, it's a bold hair statement and it actually looks awesome in every type of style.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this chic color trend.

Grey hair isn't just for old geezers.

#GrannyHair is the new style trend sweeping social media...

...and ladies of all ages are lightening up their looks with some luscious, grey locks.

Seriously, who knew grey could be so sexy?

A little grey brightens braids...

...and perfectly pairs with a few pops of purple.

It makes curls look effortlessly chic.

Silver top knots look stunning.

Grandma has nothing on this glamorous, grey updo.

Grey makes ponies look polished.

There's a shade of silver for every type of complexion.

You can choose to stay on the lighter, lustrous side...

Go with a sterling, medium shade...

...or pick a silver that's on the darker end of the spectrum.

Even Lady Gaga is on that old lady hair flow.

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