Video Shows How Much Fashion Models Are Actually Photoshopped

By the time a high-fashion image goes public, you may not be seeing the model's real pores or hair.

Instead, you're looking at a heavily-edited version of the woman or man in question.

In an effort to show how much work it really takes to achieve the Vogue look, New York-based retouch service Rare Digital Art condensed lengthy Photoshop sessions into time-lapse videos.

Think a model-perfect face is attainable in minutes? It's more like hours.

Elizabeth Moss, Rare Digital Art's founder, told PetaPixel most of the Photoshop videos made available online are actually the result of amateurs, not professionals.

She said they're not an accurate representation of what's desirable in fashion photography, adding,

With all the talk about Photoshop use or overuse, I thought it would be interesting for people to see how we actually add pores to skin.

Rare Digital Art's videos condense sessions 90 minutes to six hours long.

RARE Digital Art on YouTube

The final result isn't perfection, but rather emphasis of the model's unique features.

RARE Digital Art on YouTube

Digital retouching takes serious skill.

RARE Digital Art on YouTube

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