This Woman Is On A Mission To Change How Beauty Is Perceived Through This Photo Series

One mother is admirably using her love for her daughter's differences to challenge the conventional beauty standards of the fashion industry — and the results are adorable and infectious.

Illinois mom Katie Driscoll began taking pictures of her daughter, Grace, who has Down syndrome, like any proud mother would. But the endeavor soon turned into blogging, Grace's own illustrious modeling career and a campaign set on "Changing the Face of Beauty."

Driscoll has now made it her life mission to encourage companies to include individuals with disabilities in their marketing campaigns and commercials.

"The perception is that they can't do it and that's decided before they even open their mouths. But every time a person is exposed to an individual with a disability, it breaks down those barriers and that perception."

Young Grace is proof that a disability doesn't need to get in the way of any success. She's already starred in a number of advertisements, including a campaign for Tori Spelling's clothing line, Little Maven.

With many industries, including the fashion and beauty industries, becoming more and more exclusive (Barneys recently ran a campaign with transgender models, and Diesel featured a print ad with a woman in a wheelchair), Driscoll said she hopes that these trends will continue to empower people with disabilities and increase opportunities for them to enter the workforce.

"Hopefully the next 14 years will give people some more exposure to individuals with disabilities and show them that they are capable. Give them a chance to open their mouths and prove it at least."

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Changing the Face of Beauty