The Best Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

by Ally Batista

Certain colors look best on certain females. When it comes to makeup, we should never be using any shades that aren't going to completely complement our skin tone and make us look amazing. After all, makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty.

Nail polish is meant to do exactly the same. We've all had those moments when we've painted our nails a certain color and have stepped back and said “ew, absolutely not.”

When that happens, it's because you have chosen a polish that doesn't necessarily complement your skin tone, which will, of course, not help you enhance your natural beauty.

To prevent this from happening ever again, here are the polish shades you should focus on when it comes to your skin tone:

If you have red or pink undertones like Cameron Diaz, who suffers from rosacea, steer clear from polish colors that have the same tone in them—it will enhance the red in your skin. Opt for more feminine sheer, soft shades instead. And if you're looking for a dark hue, go for navy instead of black. Try:

butter LONDON Fairy Lights Nail Lacquer, $15, Amazon

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Nail Polish in Baby Blue, $10, Dermstore 

If you have fair skin like Anne Hathaway, try using lighter shades of lacquer with pink or blue undertones and avoid colors that are too beige or too dark. Try:


SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Thunder Road, $12, Amazon

SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Lucid, $12, Amazon

Lucky enough to have gorgeous tan skin like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson? Avoid gold and brassy hues, as they tend to lose vibrancy against tanned skin and will come out looking dull. Try:


SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Spice of Life, $12, Amazon 


SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Disco Inferno, $12, Amazon 

Medium skin tones similar to Kim Kardashian have the best options when it comes to polish shades. Choose from a range of shades like dark burgundy and metallic to black, as well as vibrant colors like pink, blue, yellow and orange. Try:


NARS Nail Polish in Kismet, $8, Jet 

Butter London

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Scouse, $15, Amazon 

If you have a medium dark to dark complexion like Kerry Washington, choose deep shades like vibrant oranges, purples or reds. Try to avoid pale pastel shades, which will make you look washed out. Try:


Essie Nail Polish in Fifth Avenue, $9, Amazon 


NARS Nail Polish in Purple Rain, $15, Amazon 

If you have an olive skin tone like Mila Kunis, avoid anything too pale, as it will make your skin look sallow. Choose colors with gold undertones instead, which will make your skin look brighter and more vibrant. Try:

Butter London

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in The Full Monty, $15, Amazon 

Butter London

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Dahling, $15, Amazon

For darker complexions like Viola Davis, coffee-colored nudes with yellow or orange undertones are the best options. Try:

Butter London

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Hen Party, $15, Amazon 


Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco, $9, Amazon 

Ally Batista | Elite.

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