Stila’s New Glow In The Dark Lip Crayon

When it comes to a themed event, such as a black light party, an edm festival, etc, girls go all out in preparation. Take the ever so popular edm festivals for example: girls will deck themselves out in festival appropriate attire and max out on the neon just because, well, it’s fun.

This new beauty product is bound to increase your themed neon ensembles even more and I have to admit, it’s pretty cool -- in an I’m-a-90s-girl-having-trouble-letting-go-of-kitschy-makeup way.

Stila has just launched a new high-octane lip product called After Glow Lip Color. The product is simple enough, a chunky lip pencil in six vibrant shades perfect for any summer time look. The lip pencils are apart of Stila’s new throwback summer collection (again, perfect for us 90s girls) and are, according to Stila, three times brighter than conventional lip colors.

What’s especially noticeable about this product is that at night, they’re designed to glow under UV light. The UV lighting effect will only work in certain settings, such as a nightclub. Stila also recommends making sure that your lips are super moisturized and exfoliated prior to application, as the bright, matte look will increase visibility of every crease and crack on your lips.


Despite the nighttime UV glow effect, these lip pencils are actually pretty practical. They’re extremely moisturizing (featuring ingredients such as algae extract, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and vitamins C and E), smell amazing and have a smooth consistency that glides on easily, allowing you to build coverage and color.

Options for these lip pencils include: Electric Pink, Vivid Violet, Tangerine Dream, Party Pink, Festive Fuchsia and Rave Red. Purchase this perfect summer beauty product anywhere where Stila Products are sold for $18.

Photo Credit: Getty Images