Spring Beauty Mistakes To Avoid


The weather has been improving, and the temperature has been creeping up slowly, but surely. Spring is right around the corner, and as always, when seasons change, it’s time to change your regimens: in both the fashion and beauty worlds.

Focusing on beauty, there are a few mistakes that women commonly make when transitioning seasons. Be sure to avoid these mistakes this spring:

Don’t Skip The SPF

Although the temperatures aren’t sky high just yet, don’t forget to apply SPF to your face every single day. Spring means that the sun is less hidden by clouds, and your skin is more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Invest in a moisturizer with SPF already included in the formula, to help keep you from forgetting that extra step.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize Everything

Now that the temperatures are warming up, you’re bound to be wearing clothing that exposes more skin, and shoes that expose your feet. Don’t forget to skip moisturizing, especially now that you’ll be exposing so much more.

Stop The Foundation Overkill

No one wants to ring in the spring with a cakey face. When the weather starts warming up, switch over to a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. You’ll get the same coverage, without the bulky product, which is bound to show in all of that extra spring sunlight.

Don’t Jump In A Pool Or Ocean With Dry Hair

If you’re jumping into a body of water on your vacation with dry hair, you’re increasing your chances of damaging your hair with harsh chlorines and salts. Wet your hair and spray it with some leave-in conditioner prior to jumping into the water to prevent so much damage.

Don’t Keep Your Winter Skin Regimen

The weather changing means your skin regimen should change too. Winter products are heavy and unnecessary for the warmer temperatures. Ditch the heavy creams and switch to a light moisturizer (preferably with SPF).

Forget The Dark Makeup

The springtime is all about fresh and bright colors, and although black and white is in for spring, leave the dark polish and heavy eye makeup at home. We’re trying to switch it up here, remember?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images