6 Ways To Stay Edgy-Chic With A Hint Of Spooky This Season

There is something about the crisp fall air that makes me want to sport the darkest color of nail polish and rock a somber shade of lipstick.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the nights are growing longer and the days are getting shorter. Or maybe, it's in knowing that ghosts and goblins will soon grace us with their presence, given that Halloween is around the corner.

Edgy trends have become chic. Fashionistas today master the fad by integrating touches of darkness into their own wardrobe. Horror has become trendy and is infiltrating pop-culture from all corners.

From what we wear — skulls, dark nail polish, etc. — to what we watch — "The Walking Dead," "American Horror Story," etc. —, spooky is styling.

The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog Writer Ives Hovanessian, wrote it best,

No longer limited to black nail polish and Halloween costumes, horror has slithered onto the runways of Paris, New York and Milan, and is being worn by everyone from A-List celebrities to teenage girls on a Hot Topic budget.

Alexander McQueen is the king of this trend; the brilliant, late fashion designer is the mastermind of showcasing spookiness as a style. His collections feature the primary colors of black and white, as well as drapey, dark silhouettes, as if to cast a mysterious spell on the clothing.

Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, told Vogue the idea behind the Fall 2014 line was, "'Beauty and the Beast' — a wild, beautiful fairytale.” This is another common theme in today’s pop culture (think "True Blood," "Twilight," etc.).

This contemporary trend is peppered with an overcast of darkness and everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kylie Jenner, to your friends and mine, want to be a part of it.

Millennials adorn themselves in edgy-chic ensembles worthy of salsa dancing with skeletons or vacationing with vampires.

Again, the trend is spooky, stylish and easy to replicate. Here are some of my favorite style tips for keeping your look edgy, yet chic, and to help to steer clear of appearing too Bella Swan post-vampire transition.

1. Find a killer dark shade of lipstick

Dramatic makeup is one of the best accessories. Find a shade that goes well with your skin tone and it will add a funky flare to any outfit. If you choose to do a dark lip, go light on the other makeup. The goal is to look edgy, yet tasteful — and clown faces definitely don’t fit that description.

2. You can never have too much dark nail polish

Nothing says fall like a rich shade of dark nail polish. Wicked by Essie has been my go-to; however, the Fall 2014 color by Chanel is Orage (not orange). Check it out; it's very dark. There are many others out there, and dark nails create a dramatic look you can wear for days.

3. Leather leggings are crucial

Whether you opt for the real deal or an animal-friendly version, leather leggings spruce up any outfit and are a great transitional piece from dressy to casual. Pair them with an oversized sweater and boots during the day or throw on a pair of heels and a cute top for a night out.

4. Cat-eye makeup

This look is not reserved for Cat Woman and Rachel Zoe; although, they definitely rock it. This makeup technique is feminine and fun. I’ve found that liquid eyeliner works best.

5. Skulls, skulls and more skulls

Skulls appear on everything from clothing to jewelry, to accessories, to the occasional tramp-stamp tattoo. It's a hot trend right now, but avoid overkill. A simple skull embellishment adds an Alexander McQueen-esque touch to any article of clothing or accessory without spending a fortune.

6. Less is more

No one wants to look like he or she bought out Hot Topic's inventory. Add subtle touches to simple outfits, and you’ll master the look.

Whether it's your Monday-through-Friday work ensemble or your weekend fashion statement, remember to throw a little Halloween horror into the mix. Who knows? You may see it on the catwalk sooner than you think.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr