Sorry, Not Sorry: 14 Makeup Trends Women Should Never Have To Apologize For


We love makeup. Sometimes we even plan our outfits around our makeup and not the other way around. So when someone else tries to tell us what we can and cannot experiment with, well, we don’t even bat a (fake) eyelash.

Beauty trends come and go, but your personal style lasts forever. And if that means wearing “Showgirls” lip liner with green eyeshadow, and totally working it, then you certainly don’t need to explain yourself.

Plus, the keepers are those who love you regardless if you’ve got your face on... or, er, your real face on.

And remember, it’s only makeup people.

Here are the 14 man-repelling, “controversial” makeup trends that, #sorrynotsorry, but we’re sticking to!

1. Red Lipstick

Perhaps this is why Marilyn had so many suitors -- men hated kissing her rouge-stained lips. But there’s a reason why red lipstick is a timeless classic, and it doesn’t involve appeasing the guys of the world.

It’s because red lips look good on everyone! If your outfit is missing something, a little lip action always does the trick. So pucker up and stop mouthing off -- this look is here to stay.

2. Fake Eyelashes

Her style might be questionable, but there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes are on point, albeit fake. (Hey, you can’t expect everything to be real with those ASSets on reality TV...)

And while some people might think that too much will give you whiplash, we’d argue that fake eyelashes are a must-have accessory. If they’re good enough for Kanye, they’re good enough for us!

3. Looking Orange

Take a page from the Oompa Loompas and Netflix hit series: Orange is in! And, (insert mom voice here), with the growing risk of skin cancer, it’s a lot safer to be fake-tanned to a cheese crisp than it is to be tanned to a real crisp.

Plus, your selfie just got a whole lot more interesting now that you can change colors.

4. Full Brows

We can’t believe we’re even defending this, given the popularity of model-turned-icon Cara Delevingne and smoldering smokeshow Penelope Cruz. Full brows are not only naturally sexy, they’re also a really great way to bring back the bush.

Anyone who doesn’t like your eyebrows needs to re-examine his priorities in life, just sayin’.

5. Poorly-Blended Concealer

Uh, would our red pimples and blemishes and dark spots be better alternatives? We’re not Beyoncé here, we don’t wake up #flawless. Cut us a break, at least we tried!

6. Violet Ombre Hair Dye

Colored ombre is basically the hairstyle equivalent of that really hot girl in a sports bra and short shorts at the gym.

It says, “I’m really pretty and I’m confident and I know this because my hair is purple and I’m pulling it off.” Now, who’s going to mess with that kind of attitude?

7. Colored Eyeliner

You can’t help what looks good on you, and if that’s sparkly green eyeliner at the moment, then you go for it girl! Perhaps your 12-year-old self lost in the Sephora aisle was onto something…

8. Artistic Nails

The nail art trend is still alive and in full force, and to be honest, we’re not all that unhappy about it. It’s a much more creative way to give someone the finger.

9. Obvious Foundation

Recall that heinous photo of Katy Perry right as she woke up. Yeah, that pretty much sums up our case for laying on the foundation in the morning. Like chocolate, sometimes more is actually better.

10. Dark Lipstick

Lorde knows a thing or two when it comes to lip service, and her signature dark lipstick is no exception. Deep berry hues are seductive, stand-out and sultry.

So next time someone tries to tell you differently, remember, we're on each other's team.

11. Glitter

If you want to sparkle, why should anyone tell you otherwise? Who cares if you look like 30-going-on-13 Britney Spears backup dancer? Those girls have moves, too!

12. Contoured Blush

If someone has a problem with your amazing makeup job, just turn the other cheek. Those high cheekbones aren’t going to contour themselves!

13. Blue Eyeshadow

We’re all for being bold, especially when it comes to your eyeshadow. Who cares what color it is? And for anyone who doesn’t like it -- you have full permission to give ‘em the stink eye.

14. Heavy, Smoky Eyes

It’s one way to get yourself looking like a total smokeshow, amIright!? But seriously, rock out with your black out, just, um, be careful of actually blacking out…