She's Still Beautiful: Woman With Cancer Continues To Model, Even After Chemotherapy Leaves Her Bald (Photos)

Buxom model Elly Mayday was just 25 when she underwent a hysterectomy and months of grueling chemotherapy, yet she didn't let her battle with cancer put her career aspirations on hold.

Calling herself the "curvy Canadian" with measurements of 34-29-44, Mayday was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer just as she was ready to be signed with modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles.

She has serous carcinoma, an uncommon form of cancer that is usually seen in post-menopausal women, but Elly and her family are hopeful that she'll go into remission after her last installment of treatments.

Although the brave model lost 40 pounds due to her illness, she is now resuming her modeling, bearing her bald head, scars and all. And she's changing the way we view models and cancer patients alike.

In her return to modeling, Mayday can be seen wearing lingerie and a green wig in support of ovarian cancer research. She's already shot a campaign for Vancouver company Forever Yours Lingerie, which sells lacy undergarments.

Elly Mayday looks even hotter than she did before her diagnosis. Why? Because she's exuding confidence, pride in her body and strength. And that is a photo worth looking at.

via ABC News, Photos Courtesy of Facebook