Salon Tipping Etiquette: What’s Appropriate


We’ve all been there before. You go to get your hair done, or your nails done, and you’re not exactly sure how to tip the person who performed your service.

Eating out is easy, those rules have been engrained in your mind since you were a child, but how do you judge a salon tip? It gets complicated when multiple services are being applied.

You’re not just getting your hair cut, you’re getting your hair cut, highlighted, deep conditioned and blown out. Do you tip more? The same amount? How much do you tip a stylist to begin with?

And another thing, stylists have assistants, shampoo girls; it’s so overwhelming to think of everyone you have to thank. Paul Labrecque, stylist and owner of the Paul Labrecque Salon in our lovely city has the answer: “The basic rule for tipping is 20% of the service cost [to the lead stylist], plus anywhere from $5-$10 for the assistants.”

Hopefully, this guide will be a help next time you visit your salon.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images