15 Beautiful Women With Badass Short Haircuts Like Ruby Rose's (Photos)

Earlier today, we introduced you to the insanely hot Ruby Rose.

It's not hard to see this chick has a lot going for her.

But one of the things that people seem to really love about this stunning gal is her signature hairstyle.

Ruby's super-short 'do does wonders for her by bringing attention to her gorgeous face and giving her an edgy vibe that comes off as bold, yet effortlessly cool.

If you're a fan of Ruby's badass hairstyle, you'll be glad to know this "Orange Is The New Black" actress isn't the only one who has the cropped cut on lockdown.

In fact, lots of  women are ditching the long, flowing locks for a shorter, androgynous style nowadays.

If one thing is for sure, these chic styles prove less hair is definitely more.

Take a look at the pictures below to see 15 badass women with gorgeous short hair.

Ruby Rose isn't the only woman who rocks short hair.

When it comes to looking fabulous with that signature style...

There are a plenty of ladies with Ruby-esque hair who make the cut.

Cropped hair is becoming more of a mainstream trend.

Lots of ladies are chopping off their long locks...

And going for something way shorter.

You can't blame women for loving these androgynous haircuts.

It's a bold, eye-catching look...

That makes a serious hairstyle statement.

Plus, rocking shorter hair instantly gives you an edgy vibe.

You can't go wrong with a pretty pixie...

Or an awesome undercut.

And a sidecut style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Hairstyles like Ruby Rose's suit almost everyone.

Combine this look with the pastel trend by adding a pop of color to your cropped cut.