Get Rid Of Your Frizzy Hair

With transitional weather comes frizzy hair. Humidity increasing and temperatures changing causes the most irritating locks of the year. Start taking preventative measures to prep and protect your hair from these issues.

The first and most crucial step to eliminating frizzy hair starts in the shower. Your hair must be well conditioned in order to fight off the frizz. Don’t neglect your conditioner and try switching over to a conditioner specialized for straight hair for some extra help.

Although conditioning your hair is important, always washing it can cause your hair to dry out, which in turn leads to more frizz. Minimize your washes as much as you can. Purchase a dry shampoo, and leave in conditioner.

On the days that you do wash your hair, apply a smoothing cream before styling your hair. Brush your hair out with a wide paddle brush, which will help your hair appear smoother.

Finish your styling with an anti-frizz serum to lock in all of that moisture and shine. Now your hair is prepped, and frizz free, and you’re ready to go.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images