Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm

I. Hate. Winter. Skin. I hate it. I hate what the cold does to my skin, which I normally keep looking super healthy, thanks to my obsession with lotions and body scrubs. No matter how much I moisturize, however, my skin continues to look cracked and dry.

I need recovery. I need Zelens’ newest skin product, and if your complaints are in any way similar to mine, you need this too. The new Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm is basically a repair miracle for your skin. Described as a “superrich, concentrated formula packed with peptides, hyaluronic acid and time-honored soothers like vitamin E, olive oil, and arnica” this balm is meant to me lathered on prior to falling asleep.

The formula is a bit dense, so smoothing a layer of this on your damaged and dry skin before bed will have you waking up refreshed and repaired. Of course such a miracle product will set you back around $225, but can you put a price on your skin? I think not.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images