Tattoo Artists Turn Breast Cancer Survivors' Tattoos Into Beautiful Art (Video)

Although breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis, many women don't let their disease define them or determine their future happiness.

When Molly Ortwein elected to have a double mastectomy to save her life that left her scarred, she and her brother-in-law (Molly Ortweinof advertising powerhouse Crispin Porter & Bogusky) teamed together to form Personal Ink, neatly known as P.INK, to offer women a way to cover the marks their cancer left.

P.INK, which primarily uses Pinterest for design inspiration and important information about cancer, supports women who want to use breast and chest tattoos as a way of showing that they're still the same person after their illness, only stronger.

And with over 6,700 Pinterest followers, P.INK has the reach and the creative capabilities to continue to inspire women to rewrite the stories of their scars with images that remind them of the new lives they are excited to lead.