This Clever Burger Wrapper Allows Japanese Women To Munch Away And Still Look 'Ladylike'

While it may not be the sexiest of facial expressions, opening our mouths wide enough to get a healthy bite of an overstuffed burger is definitely one of the more satisfying parts of mealtime.

In Japan, however, where women are encouraged to maintain their “ochobo” or “small and modest” mouth, it is considered bad manners for them to stuff face.

So what’s a gal to do when all she wants is to sink her teeth into one juicy mouthful? Enter the “Liberation Wrapper,” a specially designed burger wrapper that mimics a closed woman’s mouth while simultaneously masking her open chops. It’s printed with the lower half of a woman’s face, which allows her to publicly chow down on a burger without committing a social faux-pas.

The Liberation Wrapper has been so effective that sales of the Classic Burger from the FRESHNESS BURGER chain have increased by more than 200%. Now, that’s what we call a mouthful!

Via: Design Taxi, Photos courtesy of Freshness Burger Video