The Newest Trend In Nail Decals

Nail art has been a growing trend in the beauty world for the past few years. It seems as if you can’t go anywhere without seeing an accented nail or new polish collection coming out, and that’s totally fine, bring ‘em coming.

So what’s the newest trend in nails? 3D nail decals. Popular with the harujuku girls of Japan, 3D nail decals are actually just stick on decals in any shape and color. I have to admit, these remind me a little of the stick on nail decals that were popular when I was in elementary school (completely guilty of using stick on dolphins on my nails, yep.), but the 3D element gives it a novelty vibe. These would be adorable for a fun party or Halloween or something of that sort.

The brand of said decals; Nail Rock ahs released a holiday line called Frou Frou. The collection boasts candy cane and snowmen appliqués, perfect for a fun holiday party. All you have to do is paint your nails to your color of choice, place the decals on your polish while it’s still wet and tacky and then seal with a topcoat.

Try these quirky stick ons for just $5.99 at Ulta Stores.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images